A platform game with Ukiyo-e style waves. The old boat is moving, a dip in the blue, overwhelmed by the waves at night. A fisherman and his moon, the roar of waves breaks the silence, love was born at night.

Made in Milan during the Global Game Jam 2017 - Winner of Best Art award


Objective: Make the fisherman and the moon meet under the cherry tree. Control the moon to move the tide and use the water to reach new places. The fisherman cannot move while in the water.

Controls (keyboard): use Q and E to move the moon; use arrows/WASD to move the fisherman and space to jump.

Controls (Xbox360 game pad): use RT and LT to move the moon; use analog stick to move the fisherman and A to jump.

Please play in fullscreen.

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Filippo Agalbato
Marco Ballabio
Tommaso Celata
Federico Modica

Game designers

Giulia Barnaba
Leonardo Codamo
Lorenzo De Simone

2D Artists

Giacomo Boni
Alessandro Ferioli
Adriana Filippini
Denise Roncolato

Music artist

Emanuele Caurio


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Not just that the art was something wonderful, but also the love story itself - it was a delight for me to progress in your game via the puzzles. <3 The animation of the rising and falling tides was also beautiful. Thanks for your game, happily I included it in one of our compilation articles about the Global Game Jam 2017 and the related showcase video. :)

Best wishes,

Hello! I adored your game, it had a beautiful story and interesting gameplay! I'm sad it's so short and the controls could have done with a little bit of work but aside from that it was a marvellous game! I made a let's play of your game here~


I really enjoyed the art style, and the puzzle format was easy enough for people to catch while still having some teeth in later levels making it a nice snacky puzzle game that people should play.

Okay, I didn't play all the levels of the game.

The platform of this game is unlike anything I have played. Even if I did, the arts and mechanics are made in such a way that it seem like a newly created platform game.

The arts are of course, lovely.

Thanks for uploading the game here =D